June 5, 2015

About us


 Simon Dobson - Marketing DirectorI set up the company after working in the IT channel with a growing reseller, and then moving to the dark side, working for a number of marketing agencies.  During this time it became apparent that the IT channel suffered from a number of problems.

Only the larger cash-rich bigger players could afford the agency fees.

A plethora of agencies didn’t understand the IT channel and happily took the money without delivering results, leaving companies feeling cheated and unhappy with the results.

Business owners struggled to employ resource or deliver effective marketing.

There was a fear factor with Tech business about marketing

Having been in the marketing and creative industry for a long time,  I had relationships, partnerships, and access to a team of team of talented individuals whose skills and expertise covered a wide range of services, from Web and SEO specialists, Designers and Copywriters, Animators to Videographers.

This means your company has access to a full creative team to strategize, plan and execute creative and engaging strategies to create success.

Let’s cut the fluffy marketing bits and just say it how it is! 

Having experienced both agency and client side in the technology industry gives me a unique perspective. Aside from being able to create and deliver the right initiatives for your business, we can also focus on the commercials and sales, to ensure that we can maximize every lead and campaign you invest in.

Why choose to work with us? 

  • We are experienced in delivering effective multi-channel marketing for the tech sector
  • You access all the same talent used by glossy high charging agencies for a fraction of the cost
  • We are human and focus on the right marketing for commercial outcomes
  • We look at the big picture including sales and marketing alignment- ensuring you turn investment into profit
  • We come at things from a Commercial point of view
  • We work to make You a success, not us

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