Don’t go Ape… Go Guerrilla

I work with many clients and one of the everyday challenges we face is how to differentiate the messaging and cut through the noise, create awareness and make an impact.

I have always been honest, there is no magic wand for marketing, yes we can apply logic, psychology, metrics and analytics,  but fundamentally marketing is consumed by humans whom in my experience can be fickle and change their mind as often as Imelda Marcos bought shoes, this means sometimes we have to adapt and try different approaches to find what works.

I was recently looking at some information on “Guerrilla” marketing and was very blown away by some of the concepts, so thought I might share a little.

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

Originally, Guerrilla marketing was an advertising concept for small businesses, used to promote and sell goods or services in an unconventional way and with a small budget.  However, like any good idea this has somewhat been hijacked by the “Power brands” who have invested large sums of money into tactics of this nature somewhat changing the notion of cheap. That said, you can still dream up a concept that can be delivered on a budget.

Below, are a number of great concepts that may inspire or morph into new ideas for your business. The point I would like to get across is start thinking outside of the box, there are different channel outside of email and networking events to help raise and promote your business to the audience.

This very expensive and awesome tactic was used by King Kong 3D

Marekting, Social media

This is a very clever idea to remind us sugar is bad… That’s right folks sugar is evil, along with butter, bacon, margarine, bread… and so on

IT marketing

I am thinking of pitching this to Disney for the new Starwars movie, as they seem to have forgotten to invest in Marketing!

Content marketing

The Discovery Channel reinforces confidence that it is actually safe to go back into the water.

Digital Marketing, Strategy

Above are just a few examples of how clever and sometimes simple ideas can be used to spread a message. Create something memorable and worth sharing, and years later people will still be looking at it, sharing it and discussing it.

Ask yourself, what kind of guerrilla activity you could undertake? What could you do on a low budget to make an impact, create interest and raise awareness of your brand or company?

It could be a simple cardboard cut out strategically placed with a cool message, or a message written in the dirt (nothing crude) but that’s the beauty of this approach, the opportunities are only limited by imagination and international law. Go create something that is catchy, pushes your brand and will be shared to death all over the place.

A couple of my simple ideas that I think are great are below.


Copywriting, Blogs

Get thinking and good luck!

If you have any awesome concepts that you have done let me know and I will share.

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