How Magic Mike can help you grow

Enlightenment often takes place in odd places, under trees, in caves or on top of mountains.  We can, if we open our eyes learn valuable lessons from the everyday things around us, and movies are a great resource.  This week I am looking at some of the big blockbusters currently raking in the dosh and entertaining folks up and down the country.


You can’t go anywhere or watch anything without these little yellow chaps leaping out demanding your attention. Whilst the entertainment value can get a bit wearing and make you want to move to some remote part of Greenland without any form of TV or communication, we can actually pick up some useful tips from these rather cheery fellows.

Whether in despicable me, or the Minions movie, these chaps are enterprising and not afraid to try the unconventional.  However, their greatest strength is demonstrated by their ability to overcome adversity through exceptional teamwork.  Teamwork is crucial to success and it is a foolish person who thinks they can achieve everything on their own. We all need support and other perspectives to help us see all outcomes and angles. The minions teach us that the wisdom of the collective (no matter how stupid individually) can lead to a positive outcome.

Don’t work in isolation, talk to colleagues, friends, and family to get feedback and thoughts. You never know, they may just hit upon a great idea or highlight a risk you had not considered.

Recommend read – “The Wisdom of Crowds” by James Surowiecki

Jurassic World

All I can say is wow!  This movie in the franchise did not disappoint.  Who is not impressed by blood thirsty dinosaurs tearing up the place, and the clever interplay of genetic engineering scaring the sweet bejeezuz out of toddlers dragged to see the film by excited thirtysomething parents?

But what does this teach us? Frankly the key lesson here is complacency.

Although The Masraniglobal Corporation running Jurassic World, invest heavily in providing security and entertainment, they are in my view, a little complacent in their decision making. Not really thinking through or seemingly not caring about the genetic modifications being undertaken to create their new exciting product has some nasty results!

Not being fully informed and being complacent about stuff probably won’t result in a 60ft long meat eater running amuck eating everyone in sight, but it can cause problems that will detract from what you need to do. Can you really afford to spend days trying to catch your dinosaur that has escaped the paddock? Probably not!  As Sanjay Masrani of the Masraniglobal Corporation finds out…it can bite your right in the arse!

Click here to visit the Masraniglobal Corp website

Magic Mike XXL

Firstly, why on earth they need the XXL on the end of this is beyond me. I presume they are Latin date markers rather than any reference to the attributes of the characters!  Now, I have not seen Magic Mike and have no intention to do so. As rich in plot as the movie may be, and as strewn as it maybe with a wealth of Shakespearean quality actors, I just don’t think it’s my bag.

That said, even watching the trailer, gives some great tips.  “BE INTERESTING”.  B2B marketing doesn’t mean boring to boring, yes one business is looking to talk with another business, but the person making the decision is a human being, and one who may or may not like the Magic Mike franchise.

Mr Magic and Co in the movie entertain the customer, they invest in creating and delivering entertainment tailored for their target audience.  Are you?  Are you being social with your media adding a human touch/face to your business? Are you interesting to your target audience?

If you are seen by your target audience and considered interesting, the chances are you will drive engagement. Create engagement and you can win more customers.

I certainly don’t recommend wearing nothing but a bow tie and a cheeky smile (this may work for some clients) but take a moment to think differently about how your company communicates with its customers.  Is it more boring to boring or magic!

For those Channing Tatum lovers, here is the trailer.

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