September 1, 2015

Working with us

Four Simple Ways to Engage Tailored To Your Needs

We want working with us to be as simple and affordable as possible and have a range of options for you to choose.

Retained Basis 

Many clients prefer this option. If you are looking for someone to help run your marketing, but cannot justify the investment required around employing resource then this is the answer. Whether you need someone 5 days a week or 2 days per month a retained option may be the right solution.  Having retained resource means you can remove the worry of increased headcount and benefit from consistent expertise to get your marketing on the right track.

Project Basis  

You may need to develop a new website, run a lead generation campaign or start being social! We are happy to work on a project by project basis, fully dependent on what needs to be done to get the results. We will work with you to scope, plan, execute and review the project.

Virtual Marketing Leadership

If you have junior resource and are looking to drive marketing, you can give your business the expertise of a highly qualified Marketing Director to support and lead your business and oversee activities to ensure they yield the best return.

Consultancy Only

Straightforward and simple expertise and advice tailored to what you require. Ideal for running workshops, brainstorming or plugging gaps due to staff shortages or maternity leave etc.


Not sure what will work best… Don’t worry we can talk it through 01908 382109